Hi there! You've reached this page because you either bought or received a card and followed the link on it. Thanks for coming and thank you for sending (or accepting) kindness!
what cause is my card supporting?
Single heart on brown kraft paper A2 card: 100% of the artist’s profits from the sale of this card will be donated to the ACLU so that all people will have the chance to be afforded equal rights.
School-style valentines (1/8 page size): 50%of the artist's profits from the sale of these cards will be donated to the Martin Richard Foundation. While searching for a cause to which to donate, I was moved by the late Martin's words: "No more hurting people. Peace" and the Foundation's mission to invest in education, athletics and community.
can i purchase some cards myself?
Sure, if there are any in stock! Check out the "Send Kindness" section of my Etsy Shop or contact me at bethany@bethanyschlegel.com.
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